Beauregard's Bells


Beauregard’s Bells.

When Beauregard was at a stand,
He rang a peal through Dixie’s Land;

And on the faithful he did call,
To send their bells,—both large and small,

Bells from churches—bells from boats,—
Bells from cows, and bells from goats;

Every kind of bell was there,
From bronzy brown, to brassy fair;

Every Belle must send her Beau,
A contribution to the show;

Some were cracked, and some were sound,
But all to New Orleans were bound;

But soon a change came o’er the scenes,
Enacting down in New Orleans;

Lord Lovell made a grand skedaddle
In a high cocked hat, and a shanghai saddle;

(Spoken:—Why what in Jerusalem was it about, I want to know?)

Old Pic, says he, “these bells shall be
A tribute sweet to Liberty.”

“No more their notes shall traitors call
Our fair Columbia to enthrall:”

Then Yankee Doodle, he shall ring
The Orleans bells,—and make them sing

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