Billy Barlow



Billy Barlow. No. 2 — By

Good evening, kind friends, how do you all do?
‘Tis a very long time since I’ve been to see you;
I am a Volunteer: for the Union I go,
And I’m down on Secession: is Billy Barlow.

Since last I saw you, to Richmond I’ve been;
And, during my stay, Mrs Davis I’ve seen.
She treated me kindly, and smiled on me so..
Old Jeff he got jealous of Billy Barlow.

Now, the other night, while out for a lark,
I lost my way, it being quite dark.
A sentinel grabed me, to the guard-house I did go:
Oh! that was too rough on old Billy Barlow.

Now, the gals, in Virginia, with their ebony faces,
Their calico dresses, and their six-penny laces,
They strut through the camp, and make a big show;
But they can’t play their games on old Billy Barlow.

Now, I see on picket, every time I go out,
A nice little gal, her name is Lize Stout;
They say she is Secesh; but I know that’s not so;
For, she will stand by the Union with Billy Barlow.

Now, there’s one thing I can’t help but to look at:
That is what keeps our Quarter-master so sleek and so fat;
It may not be good-living, but there’s one thing I know:
He’d get poor on the grub he gives Billy Barlow.

It’s down, in Virginia, at a place called Bull-Run,
Where first our brave soldiers their fighting begun;
It’s true they got routed, but then you all know:
It was on account of the absence of Billy Barlow.

Just a few words more, Then I shall have done;
And I hope what I’ve said, you’ll take it all in fun;
If I have not done right, why, please to tell me so,
And I’ll bid you good-night: will Billy Barlow.

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