Billy Wilson's Zouaves


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Billy Wilson’s Zouayes.

Dash on, dash on, my gallant Zouaves,
Where dangers darkly frown;
Let Freedom bravely nerve your arms,
Strike every traitor down.
What, though their murd’rous squadrons stand
In stern and fierce array,
We’ll make them feel our sweeping charge,
And quickly clear the way.

This Union, which so long has been
The shelt’ring home of all,
Fair Freedom’s valiant, holy band,
Shall not by traitors fall;
But it will stand, through storm and strife,
The home of Freedom’s band,
And naught shall cause its overthrow,
While strength lies in our hand.

While life’s bright blood shall warm our hearts,
Our arms shall e’er be strong
To strike each plund’ring traitor down,
And triumph over wrong.
And, though our bones may bleach upon
A distant, hostile plain,
We will be true to Liberty,
And keep her free from stain.

Though years may roll their onward course,
Our hands shall ne’er be stayed,
Till Freedom’s Land be free from strife,
And in sweet peace arrayed.
And now, Fare-well to home and friends!
And, if we ne’er return,
‘T will be because the Gallant Sixth
ll, death and danger, spurn.

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