The Blue and the Gray


The Blue and the Gray.

You meet as comrades here to-day,
And Shake the friendly hand,
To recall scenes that’s passed away,
Far down in Dixie’s land,
You taught the South a lesson too
It’s lasted many a day;
They learned it from the boys in blue—
Secession would not pay.

Forever let our banner wave,
Both on the land and sea,
All are free men—not one slave—
All as free as men can be.
We owe a tribute; yes, we de,
That money cannot pay,
To the boys who wore the Blue
And whiped the boys in Gray.

You marched beneath the scorching sun,
Upon on the burning sand;
Some battles lost and others won,
Far down in Dixie’s land.
Rebels have shown their bravery
On many a battlefield;
‘Twas hard to give up slavery
And to the Union army yield.

You left your homes which wer so dear,
And to the front did go;
Loved ones shed for you a tear
While battling with a foe.
Never since the world’s creation
Such a war has ever been—
Soldiers fighting their relation,
Each one hoping for to win.

Dying soldiers strewed the ground
On many a battlefield;
Wounded ones lay thick around,
And yet you did not yield.
Our flag was saved—it was not lost—
And you the honor share;
Many a patriot’s life it cost—
‘Tis honored everywhere.

Time rolls on, and you are gray;
You’er here to reunite,
Recalling scenes long passed away,
And many a bloody fight.
You saw the shot and shell a-flying,
You saw the wounded and the slain;
You have seen your comrades dying.
And it filled your hearts with pain.

The word was onward! onward go!
Keep afloat the Nation’s flag,
Never yield it to the foe,
Who said it was a filthy rag.
Histories tell of glories won
And the world did look and wonder
At the deeds of valor done—
Slavery chains all broke asunder.

You heard the cannon’s rumbling sound;
You saw the bayonets glittering steel;
Blood and carnage strewed the ground,
Yet to the foe you did not yield.
You often marched on double quick,
To meet the hostile foe,
Crossing river. hill and creek,
All wet with rain and snow.

In different prisons some have lain,
In tattered rags and hungry too,
Others on the field were Slain;
You’re here to day and wear the Blue.
Near three decades have passed away
Since war was in our land;
Say to the boys who wore the Gray;
In kindness, “here is my hand.”

Let the Constitution bind
The North and South together,
And never let one be inclined
A thread of it to sever,
We’re sixty millions scattered o’er
This Union wide and grand,
And room enough for millions more
In this, our happy land,

No more war within our lands;
No more secession there will be;
The Blue and Gray can now shake hands
Beneath the Flag of Liberty.
May you all prosper everywhere,
And Union be the watchword true;
May every one God’s blessing share—
Praise to the boys who wore the Blue.

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    Smith, A. W.
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