The Blue Devils or the National Zouaves



The Blue Devils or the National Zouaves.

Now, soldiers all, both brave and true, come listen unto me;
I’ll tell about a Regiment, as you will shortly see;
The gallant Tenth, I mean, boys, the pride of New-York State;
And, in a few short single rhymes, my story I’ll relate.

We left our homes in May last, and started for the wars,
Determined for to raise our Flag, the glorious Stripes and Stars,
On every spot where Rebels dared to raise their traitorous heads,
On land our fathers bought so dear by the precious blood they shed.

We are stationed in Virginia, at a place called Fort-Monroe,
And wherever duty calls us, there cheerfully we’ll go;
Led on by our brave Colonel, we will die, unto a man,
In defence of the glorious Stars and Stripes, the Banner of our land.

Our Colonel is as brave a man as ever took the field,
And he will lead us on to death, before he’ll flinch or yield,
The Rebels, when they meet us, will be in a terrible fix;
For, they fear more than the devil, our Colonel Bendix.

The motto of EXCELSIOR we do our best to fill,
And we pride ourselves of being EXCELSIOR in the drill;
We challenge all, and fear none, be they small or great!
For, we are the gay Blue Devils of the old Empire State!

Our officers are brave and true, as every one does know;
They will not die, but lead us on, and strike a telling blow;
We will put down this Rebellion, and return home manfully,
Once more, unto our friends who we often long to see!

Then, here’s a health to Colonel Bendix, and may he enjoy long life!
He’ll do his best, right manfully, to end the present strife;
And may our glorious Union, once more, united be!
Long life, health and prosperity to the boys of Company G.

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