Bob Anderson



Bob Anderson.

Bob Anderson, a bold boy—
No bolder in the land—
Was sent to guard his country’s flag,
Against a rebel band.
In Moultrie’s walls he found not
Protection from the foe,
And so, said he, to Sumter proud,
This very night we’ll go.

So Anderson, the bold boy,
When darkness hid the bay,
Spiked all his guns and silently
To Sumter sped away,
As Perry left the Lawrence,
But raised his flag once more,
So Anderson’s more proudly waves
O’er Sumter than before.

Bob Anderson, the bold, says,
“Now, Treason, do your worst;
The guns of Sumter guard the flag
From every hand accursed.”
The baffled, mad seceders
Discover that they’re sold;
The flag they dread is guarded by
Bob Anderson, the bold.

Bob Anderson, the bold boy,
Deserves the nation’s thanks,
He knows and does his duty well,
Despite rebellion’s pranks,
We’ll give three cheers for Union,
Our country’s flag unfold,
And three times three we’ll give to thee,
Bob Anderson, the bold!

A. W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER, N. W. Cor. 8th and Market Sts., Philadelphia.

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