Bonnie Blue Flag


Auner’s Printing Office, N. E. Cor. Eleventh & Market, Philada.

Bonnie Blue Flag.

We are a band of patriots,
Who each leave home and friend,
Our noble Constitution
And banner to defend;
Our Capital was threatened,
And the cry rose near and far,
To protect our country’s glorious flag,
That glitters with many a star.

Much patience and forbearance
The North has always shown,
Toward her Southern brethren,
Who had each way their own;
But when we made our president,
A man whom we desired,
Their wrath was roused, they mounted guns,
And on Fort Sumter fired.

They forced the war upon us,
For peaceful men are we,
They steal our money, seize our forts,
And then as cowards flee;
False to their vows, and to the flag
That once protected them,
They sought the union to dissolve,
Earth’s noblest brightest gem.

We’re in the right and will prevail,
The Stars and Stripes must fly,
The “bonnie blue flag” be hauled down,
And every traitor die;
Freedom and peace enjoyed by all,
As ne’er was known before,
Our Spangled Banner wave on high,
With stars just thirty-four.

A. W. Auner, Song Publisher, N. E. cor. 11th & Market, Philada., Pa.

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