Bring My Brother Back to Me


No. 1154

Bring My Brother Back To Me. By STEPHEN C. FOSTER.

Bring my brother back to me,
When this war is done;
Give us all the joys we shared,
Ere it had begun.
Oh, bring my brother back to me,
Never more to stray;
This is all my earnest prayer
Through the weary day.

All the house is lonely now,
And my voice no more
In the pleasant summer eves
Greets him at the door;
Never more I hear his step
By the garden-gate—
While I sit in anxious tears,
Knowing not his fate.

Bring my brother back to me,
From the battle-strife;
Thou who watchest o’er the good,
Shield his precious life!
When this war has passed away
Safe from all alarms,
Bring my brother home again,
To my longing arms.

Music, arranged for the Piano-Forte, published byS. T. GORDON, No. 706 Broadway, N. Y.

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