Call the Boys of '76


J. WRIGLEY. Publisher, of Songs, Ballad’s, and Toy Books, Conversation, Age, and small Playing Cards, Alphabet Wood Blocks, Valentines, Motto Verses and Out Motto Paper &c No. 27 Chatham Street (opposite city hall park) NEW YORK

Call the Boys of ’76.

Now the ball begins to open.
Now begins the fearful strife,
And we’ll dance to martial music
Where the din of war is rife;
Now and then we’ll whip the traitors—
Things go on-extremely well,
And our ranks with honest freemen
At every hour begin to swell.

Old Jeff. Davis is a traitor,
Very soon we’ll make him bow,
And he’ll call aloud for mercy,
From the lordlings of the plow,
List unto the tread of freemen!
See the flies of Bunker Hill
Blazing brightly in the distance!
And hark the bugle, loud and .shrill.

Jeff. is fond of rifled cannon—
Traitor Floyd, he rifled, too—
And their forte is mostly stealing,
For they’ve nothing else to do.
Thieves are always fond of Pickens—
Listen to old Yancey bawl:
“I will steal the British Lion,
And bring him over, tail and all!”

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