The Capture of Jeff Davis


The Capture of Jeff. Davis.

Haste, haste and eat your breakfast, boy,
And wide unfurl the bunting,
Columbia’s in the greatest glee
For she’s return’d from hunting;
I’m sure that the “sour apple tree”
That once the songster gave us,
Is waiting for its promis’d boon,
—Is waiting for Jeff. Davis!

He wore a woman’s clothes, my boy,
And thought we were short-sighted,
But just before the break of day
Our lads on him alighted,
And a revolver that he saw
Dispell’d his indignation,
So he’ll he brought to Washington
And “Johnson’s Proclamation!”

His loving wife gave kind advice,
From danger Wish’d to save us,
She thought we’d better not provoke
Her dear “skedaddling” Davis,
she fear’d that some one might he hurt
In some forthcoming grapples,
But Jeff has gone to Washington.
To Johnson and sour apples!

They found the tool in Georgia, boy,
He’d lost his vaunted mettle,
But since they’ve tried to catch him first
He’s made more bills to settle!
Though Booth was in the river thrown,
Nor needs more rebel raiment,
You’ll tremble, Jeff. the truth to know
—That only was part payment!

That was a solemn scene, my boy,
On the Potomac river
The stars shone bright, the murd’rers form
Did pass from sight forever!
We’ve caught the rather of the clan,
He’s often tried to brave us;
There’s not a beggar now would give
His place for thine, Jeff. Davis!

And on the Fourth of March, my boy,
They thought it was essential
A manner confidential;
And when the drug refused to kill
They sought to tell Creation
How Johnson prov d a debauchee
At the Inauguration!

Their meanness knows no bounds, my boy,
But fling out the old bunting,
And tell the world that Uncle Sam
Has just returned from hunting;
He has the old bird in the cage,
The day has fortune gave us,
And now there’s a “sour apple tree”
Awaits for thee, Jeff. Davis!

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    Still Image
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    DeWolfe, George G. B. (George Gordon Byron), 1835-1873
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    20.5 cm x 12 cm
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