The Capture of Jeff Davis


Johnson, Song Publisher, 7 North Tenth St., Philadelphia.

Capture of Jeff. Davis. COMPOSED AND SUNG BY

White folks now I’ll sing a ditty, if you’ll listen to my song,
About the capture of Jeff. Davis, and de way dat it was done;
Old Jeff. Davis was a rebel leader, and he runn’d away from home;
As he wos de fast seceder, he ought to be the fust one hung.

Wilson’s Cavalry followed him, dat I guess you know;
Jeff, run away wid all de gold, but he did’nt get to Mexico;
For when Wilson’s Cavalry started, dey was bound to catch old Jeff;
And if dey could’nt took him alive, dey’d fotch him widout his bref.

One hundred thousand dollars reward! for Old Jefferson;
When Pritchard’s boys started, Old Jeff, he had to come;
Andy Johnson says he’ll swing him, dat shows dat he’s de man;
Golly bow de folks will run for to see Jeff. Davis hung.

Old Jeff. Davis when he was caught lie was in a pretty mess;
To fool old Colonel Pritchard, he put on his wife’s dress;
Old Jeff, he start to run, Pritchard says, “slop or I shoot;”
Jeff. says “I’m a woman,” but a woman don’t wear boots.

Now there’s your Southern chivalry, to hide in a woman’s dress;
It shows he was an old fool, or he’d took off his boots I guess;
De rebels dey did blow how de Yankees dey would switch;
But in a woman’s dress, is a queer place for the last ditch.

AT LONG’S VARIETIES, 758 South Third Street, Below German, PHILADELPHIA.

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