Capture of Sally Davis


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, co Chatham Street, New-York

Capture of Sally Davis.

O Ladies, have you seen Jeff Davis?
He changed his name, of late;
He ran away, the other day,
From Old Virginia State.
He heard the Yankee soldiers coming,
While sitting in his PEW;
He cried aloud, with all his strength:
O Lord! what shall I do?

He seized his gold, as a miser would,
And started out of town,
For fear the Yankees should him take.
His wife lent him her gown,
To make him unknown still more;
He wore her hoops and balmoral..
And then, to make it all complete,
He changed his name to Sal!

Now, Jeff was caught in his disguise,
Likewise with all his spoil,
For just one little accident:
His boots.. were not the style.
He cursed, and swore.. and drew his knife,
And brandished it so high..
Yet, he was not man enough
On the battle-field to die!..

Oh! shame on Jeff to disguise himself,
In a cause so good and just!
Where is the man: Four years ago,
In God did place his trust?
We find him at his Country’s Bar,
To answer for his crime..
So, let his fate be a warning to all
Young men, in future time!

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