Cheer, Boys, Cheer for Next November


MASON & CO., 58 N. Sixth St., Phila.

Cheer, Boys Cheer for Next November.

Cheer, boys, cheer for next November,
Cheer for “Little Mac;’’
For the Union we will battle,
Never looking back.
See our banner still before us;
The red, white and blue,
For ’tis brave smiling o’er us
For the brave and true.

While our stars and stripes are flying,
The red, white and blue,
We will rally round McClellan,
Ever he’ll prove true;
Who that loves our noble country,
Who that seeks the right,
Who will fail to do his duty?
Rally in your might.

’Tis our country calls McClellan,
Calls the hero brave,
He will rule without dishonor,
Our Union to save;
Cheer, boys, cheer our noble leader,
Soon our arms. we’ll stank;
For our States will be united
Under “Little Mac.”

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