The Christian Soldier


The Christian Soldier.

We lost way down at Fredericksburg,
As you will learn of Fame,
A young and noble christian,
George Hannold is his name.

He joined the Church when but a youth,
His calling to fulfil.
And when God called him from this earth,
He proved a Christian still.

On the thirteenth of December.
While Cannons loudly roared,
He fell, a victim to the foe.
And well his sufferings bore.

He suffered there full three days,
Then gave the battle o’er,
He went to meet his Saviour,
On Canaan’s happy shore.

He died a happy Christian there,
To meet a Saviour’s love,
And he is not dead, but lives,
In that bright home above.

Me thinks I hear from yonder throne,
As I am penning this,
That Christian Soldier calling friends,
Up to that home of bliss.

He’s seated now on yonder throne,
Close by his Saviour’s side,
No more he’ll lead a warrior’s life,
But with his Lord abide.

And ere he passed, thus did he say:
“To you, my friends, farewell,
I am going beyond this vale of tears,
All is well, all is well.”

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