Cling to the Union


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Cling to the Union.

There is a right and wrong in parties,
And the right is on our side;
So let us mount the wagon,
And let the Union ride.
The nation is the wagon,
And the people are its springs;
Every lover of his country
For the Union sings—

This wagon is a noble one—
’Twas built in Seventy-six;
’Twas driven by George Washington,
Through stormy politics;
With Eastern oak and Western pine,
And Northern ash ’tis bound,
Palmetto, cypress, cotton wood,
In spokes and wheels are found.

When Webster shook the friendly hand,
Of noble soul'd Calhoun,
’Twas here, upon this Wagon box,
They sat in sweet commune.
Henry Clay he drove the wagon then,
And Cass was by his side,
And never did the Union take,
A safer Union ride.

We tell the Northern fanatics,
To let the slaves alone—
The Southern fire-eaters
Had better hie unto their home;
We all a e true conservatives,
Whatever may betide;
God bless our glorious Union,
And may it safely ride.

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