Col. Owens' Gallant Irish Volunteers


Col. Owens’ Gallant Irish Volunteers

Come listen to my story, all
I’ll sing a song that’s new,
Made up in rhymes to suit the times.
And all of it is true.
It’a about out gallant 69th,
That will make the foe stand clear,
Then three cheers for Col. Owens
And his Irish Volunteers.

His men are strong and hearty.
No danger do they feaar,
He’ll march his troops to Dixie’s Land,
Like true Irish Volunteers.
For the stars and stripes—our own true flag—
We’ll give three hearty cheers;
Likewise for our Captains all,
Brave Irish Volunteers!

Our country we are bound to save,
And keep for ever more‘
And soon the stars and stripes shall wave
On all oar glorious shore;—
The stars and stripes—our own true flag—
That we do prize so dear.
There is nothing like brave Owens
And his Irish Volunteers.

Our Lieutenants and our Captain,
They are the men to drill,
and when we march away down south
The Rebels will get their fill.
Davis, Lee and General Bragg,
We’ll make them all stand clear.
For we’re bound to fight for the stars and stripes,
Like true Irish Volunteers.

New we’ll give three cheer for the 69th,
And for our country, too:
Likewise unto our Volunteers,
For they are all true blue;
We are all of a noble band.
And are prepared to fight.
We’ll all stand by the stars and stripes,
The flag we know is right.

Now my song is ended.
Let the world say what it will;
We’ll all stand by our glorious flag,
And for bur country fight.
And death unto the rebel band,
That we find both far and near,
Oh. we’ll stick to Col. Owens,
Like true Irish Volunteers.

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