The Colored Brigade


J. H. JOHNSON, Song Publisher, Stationer and Printer, No.7 N. 10th St., Phila.

The Colored Brigade.

Old Uncle Abraham wants us, and we’re coming right along,
I tell you what it is, we’re gwine to muster mighty strong;
Then fare you well, my honey dear, now don’t you be afraid,
I’s bound to be a soldier in de colored brigade.

O when we meet de enemy I s’pec we make ‘em stare,
I tink he’ll catch a tartar when he meets de woolly hair;
We’ll fight while we are able, and in greenbacks we’ll be paid,
And soon I’ll be a colonel in de colored brigade.

Wid musket on my shoulder and wid banjo in my hand,
For Union and de Constitution as it was I stand.
Now some folks tink de darkey for the fighting wasn’t made,
We’ll show dem what’s de matter, in de darkey brigade,

In days of Gen’ral Washington we fought the British well,
Behind de bales wid “Hickory” I think we made’ em yell;
I tell you we’re de chickens dat can handle gun or spade,
And Greeley he’ll go wid us in de colored brigade.

Some day dey lub de darkey and dey want him to be free,
I s’pec dey only fooling and dey better let him be;
For him dey’d break dis Union which de’re forefadders had made,
Worth more dan twenty millions ob de colored brigade;

Den cheer up now, my honey dear, I hear de trumpets play,
And gib me just a little buss before I go away;
I’ll marry you when I come back, so don’t you be afraid,
We’ll raise up pieanninnies for de colored brigade.

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