Columbia Shall Be Free


H, DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.

Columbia Shall be Free!

What joyful sound is that I hear,
Which nearer draws, and yet more near.

A nation’s voice aloud proclaim,
In tones of sweet, melodious strain:

From East to West, From South to North,
The sons Freedom rushes forth,

And to defend our equal laws,
Maintain our great and glorious cause:

Now, from the green eternal woods,
Where Mississippi pours his floods,

The Mountain peaks the echo wakes,
Murmur with joy the ruffled Lakes:

Let discord wild prevail no more,
From Maine to blue Pacific’s shore,

United, strong in soul and heart,
And each resolved to do his part;

The gathering hosts of freemen come,
And proudly step to beat of drum,

The starry Flag in splendor waves
O’er men who never shall be slaves:

With justice wild, and mercy kind,
We’ll treat the erring and the blind—

’Tis not for vengeance that we fight,
But to maintain our nation’s right:

And when the fearful strife is done,
The dreaded battle lost and won,

To God above shall be the praise,
With grateful heart our voices raise!

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