Columbia's Glorious Banner


Columbia’s Glorious Banner.

O! the banner of Columbia’s Glorious land,
Our hope by land and by sea;
The flag that was borne by the patriot band,
When they fought for our dear liberty.
With patriots to guard our banner so bright,
And our volunteers so brave;
Undaunted we’ll rush in the midst of the fight,
Our glorious Union to save.

Arise then bold patriots and let your flag wave,
And swear to project it for ever;
For freedom we’ll fight till we sink in the grave,
Before our loved Union shall sever,
Then up with a will and protect your bright flag,
From traitors and vile usurpation;
We will ne’er let the south of secession make brag,
Or let them devide our great nation

Up! Up! Sons of freedom unite in one band,
And fight for the land of your birth;
We’ll swear by our banner and country to stand,
And crush all rebellion to earth;
The memory of our patriots shall last,
And our eagle that soars though the sky,
No traitor or rebel our country shall blast,
While the flag of our Union shall fly.

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    Still Image
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    Sutherland, William
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    17 cm x 10.5 cm
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