The Confederate Flag


The Confederate Flag.

Not long Unfurled was 1 known,
For Fate was against me;
But 1 flashed over a Pure Cause,
And on Land and Sea,
So fired the Hearts of Men unto Heroism,
That the World honors me.
Within my Folds, the Dead, who died under them,
Lie nobly shrouded;
And my tattered Colors,
Crowded with a thousand Shining Victories
Have become,
For the People who loved me,
A Glorified Memory.

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  • Item ID
  • DCMI Type
    Still Image
  • Title
  • Creator
    Dimitry, John Bull Smith, 1835-1901
  • Illustrated
  • Extent
    21.5 cm x 13.5 cm
  • Genre
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