Congressman Ely.


Congressman Ely.

As I rode down to Manassas one day,
With heart light as air and spirit so gay,
To handcuff the rebels, the southern pelf,
The ills meant for others, came on my poor self.

The battle it raged with terrible force,
I now was a man, next time was a horse,
My fright was so great, ‘pon my word it is true,
My presumptuous adventure I began for to rue.

The fright became general, a rush now was made,
To run back again from this mean wicked raid,
But oh cruel fate, too cruel for me,
I was nabbed lying low behind a big tree.

Come out you old varmint, a brave hero cried.
Jump up on my horse, and we’ll both take a ride,
I’ll take you to Richmond without any fare,
And give you a fat office when you get there.

He took me to Richmond that very night,
I stood before freemen, in a terrible plight,
Wash and scour him says Jeff, with soap and sand,
And fill his poor belly with the fat of the land.

I now am used well, I live like a prince.
Have plenty of pies both apple and mince,
And good draught of wine and beer to drink,
The rebels are not the kind of people you think,

Dear countrymen all in the North now arise,
Tear off the vile cobwebs that’s blinding your eyes,
Acknowledge their rights, let me get my release,
And heaven will bless you with plenty and peace.

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