Corcoran to his Regiment. Or "I Would Not Take Parole."


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Corcoran to his Regiment.

Bear aloft that Flag, boys, Erin’s glorious green,
Foremost in the fight, boys, be our “Sun-burst” seen;
Onward with that uncrown’d harp to “victory or death”
The word- “Remember Limerick, and Britain’s broken faith”

I went into this struggle with my heart and soul,
And though my jailors gave it me, I would not take parole

Raise that green Flag proudly, let it wave, on high,
“Liberty and Union” be your battle-cry;
FAUGH-A-BALLAGH shout from your centre to your flanks,
And carry death, and terror wild, into the foeman’s ranks.

Think how your brave fathers for your freedom fought;
Think of those bright deeds which Irishmen have wrought;
Meet advancing hosts, boys, let them feel your steel,
And prove you’re worthy of the land of Sarsfield and O’Neill.

Raise that glorious Sun-burst; raise it once again,
Let me see it shining o’er the battle plain;
With his bright rays beaming, On, my gallant band,
For God And for the Union of our dear adopted land.

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