Corcoran's Irish Legion


H.DE MARSAN, Publisher,. Of songs ballads, toy books, &c. No. 54 Chatham Street,N. Y.

Gorcoran’s Irish Legion.

A song for our Flag, proudly waving on high,
The Emblem of the old Irish Nation;
Its Glorious Sunburst ever shall fly
With the Pennant of the Eagle, in station!
It’s the Flag that we love, and by it we’ll stand,
Till the bonds of Rebellion we sever,
And peace is restored to our dear adopted Land,
And Traitors are crushed forever and ever..
And Traitors are crushed forever!

When Treason’s black Flag; was raised in the land
By a ruthless foe that did hate it,
And the Capitol threatened by a dastardly band
Who would have Washington’s tomb desecrated,
The President called: and we rushed, hand in hand,
The bonds of Rebellion to sever,
And to fight for our home, our dear adopted land,
And crush out the Traitors forever and ever..
For to crush out the Traitors forever!

Brave Corcoran, our Leader, is again to take
To a Traitor he never shall yield; [Command;
As a patriot he’s loved and honored through the land,
As he’s hated by his foes on the field;
With a Legion of Irishmen, he’ll bravely lead
And give old Stone-wall Irish’ thunder; [the van,
He never yet did fail; he is the very man
To crush the Traitors asunder, asunder..
To crush the Traitors asunder!

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