Corporal Kelly


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher. 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.

Corporal Kelly.

Away with the mallet and chisel!
No more of a stone- cutter’s life!
My books and my papers shall mizzle;
I’ll follow the drum and the life.

I was, once, a stone- cutter hard-fisted,
But the ranks had a charm fe my eye;
So, I gave up stone cutting, and listed
To the tune of the: Bould Soger Boy.

My coat is all covered with facings,
And a brass number sits on my cap;
I am learning my marchings and facings,
And, at last, I’m a good”-looking chap.

The bom shells may fly like the divil,
They may blow up foundation and roof;
They may light on my head and be civil:
For, d’ye mind .. it’s bomb-proof!

I have courage enough, I am thinking,
And I’ll always the enemy meet;
But when a friend’s glass J am drinking,
I’ll not be the last at re-treat..

The Ladies, now all, admire me,
Since I’ve caught their sweet hearts in a trap;
But there’s cue that must never desire me:
Her name, I believe is Miss Hap.

The whip never marked my broad back,
Nor gave my big stomach the gripes;
But may I be laid on the rack,
If I havn’t been getting the Stripes!

But the Stripes then, you know, were no harm;
They were a great honor, I tell ye;
For, they were all laid on my arm,
And I am Bold Corporal Kelly!

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