Davis, Beauregard & Co


Davis, Beauregard &Co.

Since treason now is rampant South, and rebels rule the hour,
Let freemen rise and with voice, crush grim secession’s power;
We’ll show Jeff Davis and his gang—that squad of Union haters,
The melancholy fate of those who turn out to be traitors.
O, that jolly, rebel crew,
When their Captain swings, bet high my boys, the devil will have his due.

Now Beauregard has no regard for any thing that’s honest,
Our boys have searched several times, and always found him non est
How well he knew with Bragg the knave, who bragged on taking Pickens,
That should they’ tempt that high old game, they’d et licked” like the Dickens.”
O, the boasting, bragging crew,
Ere you Secession finish, boys,Secession Will finish you

There’s Twiggs way down in Texas, too, who quick disgraced his station,
He’s bound to die a quicker death, than that caused by star ation;
And pillow, now in Illinois, the same high fate will share, O,
Should he conclude to try his hand by way of taking cairo.
That swaggering, rebel crew,
With Scott and Butler at our head, we’re bound to put ‘em through.

At Harper’s Ferry t’ other day, the rebels did assemble,
Resolved to die like game, but first, to make the mudsills tremble;
Our boys went down one fine bright morn, to do a little gunning.
But ere they got in gun -shot range, they found the game all running.
O, the frightened rebel crew,
Like oyster boats caught by a squall, they’re in a terrible stew.

We’ll fly their Keitt and fly it high, enough to suit their fancy,
And just by way of bobs we’ll have, such chaps as Rhett and Yancey;
Be ready then to meet’ em boys—indeed, the more the merrier,
And let each reble, kicking, die, like a son of a —female terrier.
O, the swaggering, traitor crew,
When their Captain swings, bet high, old boys, the devil will get his due.

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