The Death of Ellsworth


JOHN W. DU BREE, CARD &JOB PRINTER, &SONG PUBLISHER, No. 1169 South Eleventh St., Phila.

The Death of Ellsworth.

It was on the twenty-fourth of May,
Long shall it be remembered, oh,
Brave Ellworth in cold blood did lay,
Shot by a cowardly traitor foe.
Before his death he took their flag,
And cut it down so brave and true,
It was in defending nature’s rights,
In freedom’s cause he met the fatal blow.

But the rebel had not long to live,
For soon young Brownell laid him low,
As quick as lightning he did give
Him a traitor’s grave down, down below.
They took brave Ellsworth and laid him out,
And over his body his own true flag,
Bespoke his death has been avenged,
Since he cut down the Secession rag.

The martial pomp, the mournful train,
Hark, to the funeral’s mournful sound,
Bespeak our honored hero’s slain,
All by a cowardly rebel hound.
The awful knell sounds low and lorn,
The Stars and Stripes are round him spread.
There’s many a heart for him doth mourn,
Peace to his ashes, he is dead.

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