The Departure of the 69th Volunteers


The Departure of The 69th Volunteers.

The gallant 69th once more,
Goes to the battle field,
To leave the enemy in gore
And make Jeff Davis yield.

It goes a Volunteer regiment.
Composed of the same men,
Led on by Colonel Nugent,
Instead of Corcoran.

We are sorry that poor Corcoran,
In Rebel hands must lie;
And that he can’t command these men
As he did in July.

But we hope he shall soon return,
To his friends and fair wife:
And that we’ll have no cause to mourn,
The loss of his dear life.

We wish those brave sons of Ireland,
Success where e’er they be;
To us they’ve given a strong hand
By land as well as sea.

Their valor it has oft been shone,
On foreign lands afar;
We have seen it here at Bull-Run,
And there at Trafalgar.

Then let us all cheer up again,
And hope soon to have peace;
While with us we have old Erin,
We’ll gain it with much ease.

Farewell! Farewell! brave 69th
Till you return to our shores,
Your departure does us remind,
Of poor Ireland in yore.

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