Disgrace & Shame


Disgrace &Shame

Hallo! what’s the matter?
Indigo’s blue, why this clatter?
Yankees have hurried from Bulls Run,
Ha! ha! ha! look at the fun.

See them scamper over the rails,
Leaving behind them their coat tails,
See their toes sticking out of their shoes,
Beautiful soldiers! brave true blues.

See their breeches, covered with dirt,
Hear them crying, “There’s nobody hurt!”
Swift they go over ditches and bogs,
They look like a parcel of dirty bull frogs.

Run you Puritans of the old school,
Lincoln has duped you and made you a fool,
The blue laws have changed you to biggoted knaves,
Run for your lives, Black Republican slaves.

Georgians are coming! Virginians are near!
Look at their eyeballs bulge out with fear;
Carolina is on you, Mississippi is nigh,
Go it like sixty if you don’t want to die.

Oh, what a sight for a Republican’s eye,
To see and to know that his friends had to fly,
To fly from a band of injured freemen in arms,
Must fill him with shame, but with truth it hath charms.

This tale will be read by children in schools,
How intelligent men were converted to fools,
By serving a black man, Abe Lincoln by name,
A blot on our country, a disgrace and a shame.

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