Dividing Creek Volunteers


Johnson, Printer, 7

Dividing Creek Volunteers. COMPOSED AT

There was a Company F., that left Dividing Creek,
For the cause of their country’s glory, they will not let it slip.
They are the boys of old Cumberland, a Company that we know.
They will die in Southern lands or conquer Southern foes.

They volunteered in the 24th, this Regiment for to fill,
But yet they had not men enough that came from Haliesville,
And there is little Mauriceton, we do not think it right,
They would’nt volunteer at all, for fear they’d have to fight.

But there were Little Bridgeton, with all their scheme and craft,
Began to think themselves all right, they were exempt from draft.
I hope the draft will not come, no doubt you will too,
For if it does, Little Bridgeton will not know what to do.

So now my song is ended, and our Company is gone,
To Beverly they have landed, until they do march on.
Lieut. Pepper and Captain Harris, they are men so true,
They will die in traitor’s land for the Red, White and Blue.

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