Dixie. Where is Dixie?



Dixie. Where is Dixie? BY NED BUNTLINE.

Dixie, Dixie—where is Dixie?
Famed as the “sacred soil,”
Land of milk and land of honey,
Rich with fruit, and rich with oil;
Rich with cotton,—regal cotton—
Land where sugar cauldrons boil,
Where the masters fight for freedom
Who have lived on slavery’s toil.

Dixie, Dixie—where is Dixie?
With her stars and triple bars,
The Pleiad group but dimly seen
Among the brighter, purer stars.
Land of nobles, circle knights,
Men with lances e’er at rest,
Heroes of a thousand fights,
Like Roanoke, Henry——.

Dixie, Dixie—where is Dixie?
Echo calls, and calls in vain,
Cotton, cotton, boasted monarch,
Which could rule across the main;
Which could load the guns of England,
Which could whet the sword of France,
Dixie, Dixie—boasting Dixie,
Are you waking from your trance?

Let your cotton go to thunder,
Attention turn at once to hemp,
Hang on high the thousand traitors
Who have led secession’s tramp;
Let Floyd and Haaman Davis swing
Upon the gallows they have built,
And float away to hotter climes
Upon the blood which they have spilt.

Let Slidell dance, in far off France,
And Mason drink his London ale
Until they get another chance
To take with Wilkes a pleasant sail.
When Dixie’s sunk, and can’t be found
By Smith or “any other man,”
And Northern men, from Southern ground,
Have grubbed out treason’s fiendish clan.

A. W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER, 110 North 10th St., ab. Arch. Philadelphia.

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