Dixie's Land No. 3


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Dixie’s Land No. 3 As sung by

Oh come my lub an‘ go wid me,
’Way down south to Tennessee—
Look away—look ’way
Look away—away—Dixie Land.
Oh come my lub to de fields of baccar,
Where some nigger’s are black and oders is blacker
(Reqeat.) Look away, etc.

We will work all day to please our Massa’s,
For he feeds us on good bread and lasses;
[Repeat Look away, etc.
We will work all day till de night does cum,
And den de niggas hab dere fun,
[Repeat Look away, etc.

Oh now old Jim is coming around,
He can’t be beat in his old breakdown
[Repeat Look away, etc.
Watch the darks now fast dey go,
To the rattle of the bones and de old banjo.
[Repeat Look away, etc.

Wonder what old Bones is at,
With that old three story hat,
[Repeat. Look away, etc.
I guess it belonged to some odder feller,
Jim got it down some nigger cellar.
[Repeat Look away, etc.

Now here comes Dinah walking around,
She’ll make de dust fly out of de ground
Repeat. Look away, etc.
Den keep the fiddie and de banjo going,
For she’s got her heel and toe in.
[Repeat—Look away, etc. &Chorus.

Den stop de dance till de boys gets in,
Dey have got dust in dar throats and want dar gin,
[Repeat Look away, etc.
All dese boys are quick as lightnin.
Get full of gin den dey are full of flghtin’.
[Repeat.—Look away. etc &Chorus.

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