Dixey's Conundrums



Dixey’s Conundrums.

Why is .man that’s got the goat like a window?
Because he’s full of panes.

Why do cats sec in the dark?
’Cause they eat lights.

Why is a quarrelsome man like a camel?
‘Cause he’s got his back up.

When is a soldier not a soldier?
When he’s mustered.

Why is a hog like a tree?
‘Cause it roots.

Why is a dog like a tree?
’Cause it barks.

What kind of hair does a dog; have?
Dog’s hair.

When must Dixey have a strange appetite?
When he Cracks Bones.

Why is the audience at Sanford’s like four men ‘bout
dividing a sheep?
‘cause they all come in for quarters.

when is a young lady inclined for more beaux than one?
When she tries to fascinate (fasten eight.).

Why is the Union like: a stone?
‘Cause it’s hard to dissolve.

Why is a portait like a persimmon?
‘Cause he draws your mouth.

What did Jonah get when the whale swallowed him?
He got sucked in.

When a dog scratches at the door for a bone, and gets no
answer, what does he do’?
Paws for a reply.

Why is a live dog’s tail like the root of a tree?
‘Cause it’s farthest from the bark.

Why ought ladies of fashion to make good coopers?
cause they understand hooping.

Why is a quid of tobacco like a Sneeze?
‘Cause it is a-chew.

What’s de reason a collar never sets well on a dandy?
Cause it’s a standing collar.

If some trees are known by their fruit, what is a
dog-wood tree known by?
Its bark.

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