Dodge's Police


Song. Dodge’s Police.

Come all ye Southern lassies,
That joined in our parade,
We will show the cowardly “Roosters”
That we are not afraid.

We all are freemen’s daughters,
And in heart and purpose stand,
To show all Northern hirelings,
That our rights we do demand.

As we were marching to our home,
The “Roosters” young and short,
From out behind the corner come,
To take us to the “Fort.”

This Rooster thought like Ellsworth,
That he would make a show,
And take the children’s Southern Flag,
But he was too young to crow.

Three cheers for Jeff we all did cry,
As round our Flag we stood,
Determined we would rather die,
Than disgrace our Southern blood.

A little girl ten .years of age,
Who heard this Rooster mutter,
That he our Southern Flag would take,
She dodged him in the gutter.

The Policemen sitting at their ease,
The Roosters dodging alone,
The Policemen they will get their pay,
But the Roosters will get none.
They hide behind the corner,
And pounce upon their prey,
And arrest grey-haired women,
And wont let the Southern children play.

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