The Dog is Dead


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher. Songs, ballads, toy books, &c. 83 &6 Chatham Streer, N. Y.

The Dog is dead.

Times are very hard now,
And every thing is new.
To get an honest living
Is as much as one can do;
For honest men are all played out,
At least it is so said.
Things have changed since I saw John,
But now the dog is dead.

The things, down in the Southern states,
Are getting mighty hot;
They’d better now keep quiet,
Or they’ll see old General Scott;
With his gallant little army,
And himself placed at the head,
He’ll walk into their affections,
And they’ll think the dog is dead,
Kind folks, your attention, etc.

The Flag that floated o’er Sumter,
Is our Flag of glory,
For which our brave Forefathers
Left the battle-field in gore;
And if one Star or Stripe be touched,
Oh, woe be on the head!
For we’ll fight as we did in ’76,
And then the dog was dead.
Kind folks, your attention, etc:

The times would be very hard now,
If the South she should secede;
It would go hard on the Merchants,
And their pockets it would bleed;
But I hope it will soon be over,
And no blood will be shed:
Oh, let’s preserve the Union, Boys,
Or else the dog is dead!
Kind folks, your attention, etc.

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