Down Upon the Rappahannock


Auner’s Printing Office, 45 N. Ninth St., bel. Arch.

Down upon the Rappahannock.

Down upon the Rappahannock,
Lies the noble volunteer:
Ask me not my child, my darling,
When thy father will be here:
For, upon that fated river,
Many hearts may sigh in vain,
Dream of home and friends forever,
But shall not return again.

Down upon the Rappahannock,
’Neath her waters—on her shore,
Lie the hearts so early taken
From their homes for evermore.
Ah, what scenes of pain and sorrow
Come to homes so sweet of yore!
Some may shed their tears to-morrow,
When to-day’s sad work is o’er.

A. W, Auner, Song Publisher, 45 N 9th St., bel. Arch

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