The Drummer Boy of Vicksburg


Johnson &Co, Song Publishers, 18 North Tenth St., Philadelphia.

The Drummer Boy of Vicksburg; or, let him sleep.

He pass’d from the earth while contending for right,
By the hand of the traitor lies cold;
To the arms of his Saviour his spirit took flight,
While his form ’neath the ground lies in mould.

Oh, there let him rest, beneath the green sod,
No more his sweet smile shall we see;
The angels have taken him home to his God,
From sin and its wiles he is free.

No more through this world as an orphan he’ll roam,
No more its cold charities share;
He has flown from drear earth to that heavenly home,
Where all is so lovely and fair.

So young and so ardent, so soon ’neath the sod,
Beloved by those whom he knew;
The goal that he sought was the throne of his God,
Having done well what he had to do.

J. H. Johnson. stationer. 7 North Tenth St., Philadelphia.

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