The Dying Hero's Request


The Dying Hero’s Request.

A Hero foremost in the fight,
Exposed to shell and ball,
A well directed shot was aimed.
By which the Hero fell;
But one request he made of those
Who a place for him had sought,
Disturb me not but let me rest,
Near where the battle’s fought.

O bury me near the battle-ground,
Where the cannon loudly roar,
The boom of shells resounding, where
The grape near me may pour;
Or bury me near the forest oak,
Near the weeping willow dell;
But not far distant from the spot,
The field on which I fell.

But when this raging battle’s o’er,
Remove within our lines;
Or convey me to my distant home,
To friends most dear and kind;
Then bear me to a Hero’s grave,
Covered with the American Flag,
Three rounds of musketry shall tell
In honor of the dead.

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    Anderson, A
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    18.5 cm x 12.5 cm
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