Ellsworth's Avengers!


Ellsworth’s Avengers!

Down where the patriot army.
Near Potomac’s side,
Guards the glorious cause of freedom,
Gallant Ellsworth, died.
Brave was the noble Chieftain,
At his country’s call,
Hastened to the field of battle,
And was first to fall!

Entering the traitor city,
With his soldiers’ true,
Leading up the Zouave columns,
Fixed became his view:
See: that rebel flag is floating
O’er yon building tall,
Spoke he, while his dark eye glistened:
Boys, that flag must fall!

First to fall, thou youthful martyr,
Hapless was thy fate;
Hastened we, as thy avengers,
From thy native State,
Speed we on, from town and city,
Not for wealth or fame,
But because we love the Union,
And our Ellsworth’s name.

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