Enlisting Soldiers


Published by the Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Regiments.

Enlisting Soldiers.

Hark! listen to the trumpeters,
They call for volunteers;
On Zion’s bright and flow’ry mount
Behold the officers:

Their horses white, their armors bright,
With courage bold they stand,
Enlisting soldiers for their King,
To march to Canaan’s land.

It sets my heart quite in a flame
A soldier thus to be:
I will enlist, gird on my arms,
And fight for liberty.

We want no cowards in our bands
That will their colors fly:
We call for valiant-hearted men,
Who are not afraid to die

To see our armies on parade.
How martial they appear!
All arm’d and dress’d in uniform,
They look like men of war.

They follow their great General,
The great eternal Lamb,
His garments stain’d in his own blood,
King Jesus is his name.

The trumpets sound, the armies shout,
They drive the hosts of hell;
How dreadful is our God t’ adore,
The great Immanuel!

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