The Fall of Charleston!


The fall of Charleston!

Oh! have you heard the glorious news? is the cry from
every month:
Charleston is taken, and the Rebels put to rout!
And Beauregard, he chivalrous, he ran to save his bacon..
When ho saw Gen. Sherman’s Yanks and Charleston
is taken!

This South-Carolina chivalry, they once did loudly beast
That the footsteps of a Union man should ne’er
pollute their coast:
They’d fight the Yankees, two to one, who only
fought for booty….
But when the Mudsills came along, it was: Legs, do
your duty!

And from the Sacred City, this valiant warlike throng
Skedaddled in confusion, although thirtty thousand strong:
Without a shot, without a blow, or least sign of resistance,
And leaving their poor friends behind, with the
Yankees for assistance.

And again o’er Sumpter’s battered walls the
Stars and Stripes does fly,
While the chivalry of Sixty-one in the Last ditch lie!..
With Sherman, Grant and Porter, too, to lead
our men to glory,
We’ll squash poor Jeff’s Confederacy, and then get

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