The Flag of Our Union


The Flag Of Our Union.

The North and South—they can’t agree,
And that we all do plainly see;
The Southern people say they’re right,
And all they want is to have a fight.

They say the North they cannot fight,
And with them I do agree;
They only fight for Stripes and Stars
And for the Flag of Liberty.

Oh, Liberty! Can man resign,
Once having felt thy generous flame;
Can tyrants’ bolts and bars confine,
Or thus thy noble North’ner tame.

Too long our country weeps—bewailing—
And our children cry for bread.
Jeff. Davis says that he is man,
For Andrew Jackson he is dead.

But Freedom is our sword and shield,
And all their acts must fall,
The union Flag will do for me,
And will have to do for all.

And then on God our hopes depend,
And we will gather round our rock,
And whom thou will but condescend
Thy self to feed thy flock.

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