The Flag of the Free


H. DX MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

The Flag Of The Free.

Nobly our Flag flutters o’er us to-day,
Emblem of peace, Pledge of Liberty’s sway;
Its foes shall tremble and shrink in dismay.
If e’er insulted It be!
Our Stripes and Stars, loved and honored by all
Shall float forever where Freedom may call:
It still shall be the Flag of the Free,
Emblem of sweet Liberty!

With it in beauty no Flag can compare;
All Nations honor our Banner so fair.
If to insult It a Traitor should dare,
Crushed to the earth let him be!
Freedom and Progress our watch-word to-day:
When duty calls, who dares disobey?
Honor to Thee, Thou Flag of the Free,
Emblem of sweet Liberty!

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