The Flag's Come Back to Tennessee!



Massa, Massa, Hallelujah! The Flag’s COME BACK TO Tennessee!

Move my arm chair, faithful Pompey,
In the sunlight clear and strong;
For this world is fading, Pompey,
Massa won’t be with you long,
And I fain would hear the south wind
Bring once more the sound to me
Of the wavelets softly breaking
On the shores of Tennessee.

Mournful, though, the ripples murmur,
As they still the story tell;
How no vessels float the banner
That I’ve loved so long and well.
I shall listen to their music,
Dreaming that again I see
Stars and stripes on sloop and shallop,
Sailing up the Tennessee.

Thus he watches cloud bow shadows,
Glide from tree to mountain crest,
Softly creeping, aye, and ever,
To the river’s yielding breast.
Ha! above the foliage yonder
Something flutters bold and free—
Massa, massa, hallelujah!
The Flag’s come back to Tennessee.

Pompey, hold me on your shoulder,
Help me stand on foot once more,
That I may salute the colors
As they pass my cabin door.
Never more shall treason trail thee,
Glorious Emblem of the free!
God and UNION be our watchword
Ever more in Tennessee!

D. A. WARDEN, No. 336 South Seventeenth Street, Philada.

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