For the Union We'll Die


The music of this soul-stirring Anthem, is published by W. H. COULSTON, North 8th Street, Philadelphia,in whose possession the exclusive copyright is vested, and by whose kind permission it is published in this form.

For The Union We’ll Die, BY

In oppression’s dark hour, ere our patriot Sires,
Had poured out their blood for their homes,
And with faith in the cause of their holy desires,
Had strewed glorious fields with their bones; —
United as one to the rescue they flew,
No section that hero band own,
’Twas “comrade,” ‘twas “brother,” hearts noble and true!

No sectional cry or vain party strife,
’Twas “Union,” our liberty won!
Undaunted and firm, nor reck’d they for life,
’Twas the cause of the, Sire and the Son!
Shall the shade of the brave who toiled for the prize,
For the boon WE have lived to enjoy;—
Shall the spirit fraternal, refulgent in skies,
View its wisdom disdained as a toy!

High in air bear the banner, “The Union or Death!”
Inscribed on each star of its fold,
With “Union forever,” let each patriot breath,
Shout for Freedom unpurchased by gold!
Accursed be the vile, craven heart, that would sever,
The compact of TRUE ROYAL BLOOD,—
Grasp each hand as a brother, we’ll bind it forever,
Who assails it is Traitor to God!

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