Fourth of July Song


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher of Songs ballads, toy books, &c. No. 51 Chatham Street, N.Y.

Fourth Of July Song.

We hail, once again. The glad day that gave
A home to the exile, to Freedom a Nation:
That shattered the fetters that soon would enslave
The Land that now claims all our pure adoration:
And showed to the world, when our Flag was unfurled,
That Tyranny’s force from our shores woul be hurled:

‘Twas on this bright day that our forefathers swore,
By life and by fortune and honor, that never
Would Tyranny’s Minions pollute our fair shore,
And that they would win Independence for ever!
And shall it be said that the oath of the dead
Shall be broken by us, while our life-blood is red?..

And, tho ‘foul ambition may urge on a few
To madly dissever our Forefathers’ Union,
The Mass of her children will ever be true,
And keep her united in Freedom’s Communion.
And Cursed be the land of the Dastard who’d stand
In Treason’s array to destroy our fair Land!

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