Free & Easy of our Union


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Free & Easy. Of Our Union.

Listen to the cannons roaring,
Ask what means this awful strife?
We are fighting four our Union,
Which, is dearer than our life.

Patriots to the war are going,
Leaving happy homes behind:
Fighting for our glorious Banner,
Which by Liberty is entwined.

Glory to those sons of Erin,
Who fought with an Iron will:
Told the Southrons what may happen,
They were for the Union still.

Fire-Zouaves, Immortal Heroes,
Avenge brave Ellsworth, every one;
You have now a crown of glory,
Brighter than the blazing Sun.

Bravo Corcoran now is missing,
And his life hangs on a thread;
Irishmen, rescue him if living,
Or avenge him if he’s dead.

Raise your voices all united,
Let us give three hearty cheers
For brave Scott, our gallant Chieftain,
Also for our Volunteers.

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