Freemen, Rally!


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Freemen, Rally!

Awake from your slumbers, Brave Heroes!
And hark to the bugle’s deep tones,
That calls you to fight for your Country!
Swear vengeance by Patriots’ Sons!

Jeff Davis we’ll serve as was Arnold,
He’ll meet with a vile Traitor’s doom;
The Union men never will let him
Sweep clean with his Secession Broom.

To others we will pay attention.
And look to their welfare and rocks;
Buy a rope for Seceeser Vice Stephens,
And pay in Confederate Stocks.

Gen. Johnson, we know, is a traitor;
To call him so, seems very hard:
We’ll stigmatize him with the honor,
Hang him next to his friend Beauregard.

We’ll soon hear of a dissolution
Of the firm of Jeff Davis and Co.
Their Confederate Bonds they will pack up,
And up the Salt-River they’ll go.

If we march down, we will take them,
And don’t care for even John Bull:
For, he knows that this is brave Scott-Land;
The South knows that we have some Wool.

Then let us Hurrah for the Union,
Determined we never will swerve;
For, By the Eternal! our Union
It must, and it shall be preserved!

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