The French Lady


Song. The French Lady.

Come and listen, to the story,
I’m going now to speak,
Of a scene that happen’d lately,
On the broad Chesapeake.
Whilst our Government was guarding
Its treasures on the coast,
And to Washington was hast’ng,
A brave and loyal host.

The Rebellion wild was stirring,
Along the Southern shore,
And rank treason was in progress
In the town of Baltimore.
The St. Nicholas went steaming,
In bright style down the bay,
And in crinoline majestic,
Amid in the lassies gay,

Stepp’d a tall and Frenchy vision,
Who as the vessel floats,
Seems to mark affairs around her,
Like a syren taking notes.
Hark! a rush and a commotion!
Out of the cabin’s deep,
From their petticoat disguises,
Now full traitors leap.

Col. Thomas, the French madame,
Commands the pirate spies,
And away he sails to Dixie,
With prisoners and prize!
There the Colonel’s cunning prowess,
Has won him so much praise,
He determines for fresh laurels,
To make another raise!

So again he takes a passage,
The backward track upon,
And gives his genius airing
On the Mary Washington.
But a storm broods o’er the waters—
The craft is call’d to port;
For Gen’l Banks has “smell’d a mice,”
And asks the crew to—Fort!

Then they find the brave French Lady,
With cap and shaven crown,
Thickly pack’d around with bunk sheets,
In a bureau smother’d down!
Hail Carmichael, Horner’s cuteness,
The bird is trapp’d at last!
We have caught the nice French Lady,
And we mean to hold her fast!

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