The Friends We Leave Behind Us


The Friends we Leave Behind us

Come Comrades while we March away,
From friends and homes to sever.
Wave forth our starry banner gay,
And by it stand forever.
Its stars that gleam like Heaven’s dome,
Shall in the fight remind us,
That we are striking for our home,
And the friends we leave behind us.

In Camp; or March, or Battle Field,
Will think our loved ones near us;
With prayers each manly heart to shield.
And Songs of hope to cheer us,
To them, and to the Union true,
Our foes shall ever find us;
’Till peace and freedom smile true blue,
On the friends we leave behind us.

Then Onward at McClellan’s call.
Where e’er our banner waves boys,
And if amid the strife we fall,
We fall in glorys’ grave boys.
Then send the shout to Heaven’s dome.
With Freeman’s love to bind us.
Three cheers for the Union and our home,
And the friends we leave behind us.

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