The Gallant 99th Regiment. N.Y.S.V.


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, of Songs, ballads, toy books, &c. No. 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.

The gallant 99th Regiment. N. Y. S. V.

Brave Comrades, all, come list to me: your spirits I’ll cheer;
I will try and sing the praise of the gallant volunteer;
On picket or at fighting, with spirits gay and fine,
I do declare: few can compare with gallant Ninety-Nine.

At Big-Bethel and New-Market Bridge, we tried the rebel pluck;
At Hampton-Roads, our boys were there, and to their colors stuck.
Our lads on board the Congress with true valor they did shine,
Worked their guns, like noble sons of gallant Ninety-Nine!

At Norfolk, we were encamped: for near six months we lay;
Then to Deep-Creek we marched along, to drive the Rebs away:
Through rain and mud. we started off o’er trees of fallen pine:
Hurrah! they come, with fife and drum, the gallant Ninety-Nine!

To Suffolk next we then did go, and left our camping ground:
We were in the front, my boys: the Rebs did us surround;
We three weeks in the trenches lay, in weather rain or shine;
In the rifle-pits we gave them fits: hurrah for Ninety-Nine!

The Johnnys kept a-firing on us, night and day;
Our orders were: to charge them and drive the Hounds away;
We boldly went into our work: they slaughtered us like swine;
We made them feel our bright cold steel: hurrah for Ninety-Nine!

Now, o’er the tomb the flowers bloom, of our dear fallen brave;
Sad news to tell! brave Hart he fell: he is in a soldier’s grave.
On the Black-Water Ford, his men deployed, as skirmishers, in line:
A Rebel sent a ball that went through brave Heart of Ninety-Nine!

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